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13 October 2019

Back in Hilo after my sabbatical at EBCL- had a wonderful time, made excellent progress on our goals with the team there. Interestingly, just a few weeks before my return B. oleae was detected for the first time in the State of Hawaii. It is on two islands (Hawaii and Maui). More information on the HDOA bulletin. Bad that we have a fifth invasive fruit fly of economic concern in the islands, but it does seem like my time at EBCL has given me skills I will be able to apply for Hawaii sooner than I could have imagined.

01 July 2019

Today was my first day at the ARS European Biological Control Laboratory (EBCL) in Montpellier, France, where I will be spending the next three months as part of an ARS-sponsored sabbatical. I am very pleased to be working with Dr. Gaylord Desurmont on biocontrol projects relating to the Olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae. This species is a serious pest of olives globally, and I am looking forward to learning more about it and ways to control it.

09 March 2019

New paper on Male Annihilation/Attraction Technique This study supports the findings of two previous experiments suggesting that less is more when it comes to using attract-and-kill with strong lures.

01 February 2019

We are wrapping up our first week back at work after 35d of our department being shut down due to lapsed funding. There is a lot to spin back up. On other news, PHES has published our tribute to Roger Vargas. This text will also appear in American Entomologist this spring.

10 January 2019

Happy 2019! The USDA has been shut down for almost 20d now. This is already significantly impacting my research and all other aspects of work in my unit. I hope we are open again soon.

17 December 2018

Just returned from an excellent trip to Puerto Rico to meet with our collaborators on the CBB project. Dr. Jose Carlos Verle Rodrigues of the UPR. We were able to tour a farm and complete significant work with the team there. Thank you to all who hosted us, esp JCVR!

03 September 2018

Today is labor day, and in honor of past labors (and because I received an inquiry), here is a link enabling those interested to reach Formatomatic. Its been just over a decade since the last release for this project, and the site on taylor0 is no longer available. I hope it lives on (usefully) for a while longer on Sourceforge, which has been a very reliable partner for me.

04 August 2018

Today I am going to Waimea to attend the funeral of my good friend and colleague Roger Vargas who passed away as the result of a traffic accident on 10 July. Roger was many things, including an excellent scientist, generous mentor and collaborator, a resilliant human being, and a humanitarian. He will be missed.

21 March 2018

Our paper on the effect of larval host fruit on emerging adult response to lures has been accepted by JEE. We found that when oriental fruit fly larvae are raised in Terminalia fruit, the resulting adults seem to have a lowered response to methyl eugenol, the most important lure for detection and control of this species. We also had a video-article on our CBB monitoring method published this week.

22 January 2018

My second partial US Government shutdown as a Federal Employee. This time only results in 5 hours of furlough, but still no fun.

20 December 2017

My recent paper with Travis Collier on evaluation of quarantine lengths was featured as a highlight in the FAO/IAEA Insect Pest Control Newsletter Number 90) on pg 36.

12 December 2017

I've created a publons account to track my peer reviews. My profile is is here. This is an interesting effort, though many researchers might hesitate due to confidentiality issues. I have been signing my reviews over the last few years, so for me this is not an issue.

17 October 2017

Three papers published in quick succession this month, two from work started in 2014 (Jang et al and Gaertner et al) and another in 2016 (Khan et al). Great to have these complete.

21 September 2017

This has been a very busy year for travel: Brazil, Austria, New Zealand, Taiwan, Kauai, and finally Denver CO. Most sponsored, but still a lot of time on the road.

28 June 2017

Welcoming a few new people in our lab for the summer. One is Briana McCarthy, a professor at Los Medanos CC in N. California. She is joining us through the USDA Hispanic-Serving Institutions National Program's Kika de la Garza Fellowship Program, and will be focused on CBB with Melissa Johnson. The other are Jana and Alyssa, HS students at St. Joseph HS in Hilo. Welcome to all three!

24 May 2017

I am presenting some of our recent ABS results at Third FAO–IAEA International Conference on Area-wide Management of Insect Pests. In a couple of weeks I will be in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, at the 15th SICONBIOL, to discuss some of the experience with biological control of tephritids in the Pacific.

1 February 2017

Melissa Johnson has started today in my lab! Melissa is a postdoc who will be working on our Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) research. She is an expert in the genus Cyrtandra, and has experience in molecular phylogenetics, speciation in plants and taxonomy. In addition, she has conducted significant field work around the Pacific, in Hawaii, California, Samoa and Fiji. We are delighted to have her help and look forward to a very productive postdoctoral appointment.

10 January 2017

We are happy to welcome Travis Collier to the lab. Travis is a modeler and programer who will be focused on developing computer-generated trap networks for invasive fruit fly detection. We are pleased to have him in our group.

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